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My Life, My Runway : The Journey

As a young lad I always had modelling on my mind. I was the first queen in my primary school in the year 2002 and since then I had always wanted to be a queen and a fashion icon. I grew up and begun to use the internet alot. I found Winnie Harlow and her charisma and courage was what propelled me. As time went on I watched beauty pageants and channel E! where I stumbled against Victoria secret. I always admired the likes of Gigi Hadid,Kendall Jenner as their vibe inspired me. The way they hit the runway and the way they carried themselves, it set up something in me and then I said to myself if I can think it I can do it! Getting into the University of Benin as a microbiologist, I found a lot of opportunities and platforms to enhance my career in modelling.

I joined in a contest which I came out amongst the top 5, early this year I contested for uniben next top model of which I emerged the second runner up. In May 2018 I also contested for the face of charity in which I emerged as the first runner up, this actually ignited my desire for modelling, giving me an opportunity to influence the world with clothes ,designs, and to inspire those out there with low self esteem because of their body.. Now I know I can slay the runway and rock those designs in different colours! My greatest strength as a model is that I have the courage and I'm proud of my scars(my stature what people seem to call unhealthy) that helps me strive for greater height. My weakness is being a perfectionist to be the best and nothing else which may cause me to blame myself when I don't get picked for a show but then i know when ever I get turned down maybe they did not see this beautiful stay, and surely bigger opportunities await me.

I work on myself day to day. I intend to put myself in the position where I take corrections so I can be improved on,really get to know the ins and outs of modelling as a whole. Then I met my manager kadiri eseose Silva(CEO hokmodelsnigeria) with her I believe to invest in me, walk for the biggest shows Africa has to offer.Together we know we can achieve my goals. In the next 2-5 years. I see myself as one of the best models Africa has. And no matter what the world has to say to me I won't give up on my dreams no matter the scars, I know my dreams have been achieved already.


Article By Bioms

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