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I am Bibia Julius, a 400 level business education student in the university of Benin. Am a runway and a commercial model. I started modelling last year January and so far, I have walked on different shows around Benin. Modelling is something i have always wanted but i never got the opportunity to do so and i was almost giving up on this dream until i entered into the university and i saw so many opportunities for me which i grabbed immediately. I made so many wrong decisions back then until finally i found my path. I am presently in one of the best agency in Benin City ( Hi models) where i get all the support i could ever need.

Modelling is something that has always been in me right from when i was a child. I remember how i was always catwalking on the road whenever am been sent an errand. And then people kept asking me why i walked like that and i simply tell them that am going to be a model so i have to start practising now without even knowing what modelling was all about then. So i guess i was born with modeling in me and this spirit kept motivating me to be that which i have always dreamt of.

I choose this path because this is the real me. With modelling, am able to express so many things in just one look. And to me, modelling is not just about wearing clothes and walking on the runway or taking pictures, Modelling is about building representations of things in the 'real world' and allowing ideas to be investigated. This is one of the best decision i have made without having to think twice about it or asking people for opinions. What is inside me is really big and i cant wait to show it to the world.

Hmmmm, so far, the journey has not been easy but i don't think am willing to give up now cause i know something big is coming for me. Modelling coupled with schooling has not been easy. I remember how i walked for four shows in one semester, it was really stressful but i try my best to balance the two properly. Inspired by so many big models who also started like me, i strive to do better and not to give up especially when i feel intimated. Supported by so many lovely people around me most especially my parents, there are my biggest fans. My mom will always advice me to be careful and she is always happy whenever i win a contest or an award. And i know, if i keep up with this, i will definitely go far. My dream is to be one of the best runway and commercial models of all time. And i know with God, i can achieve it.

Article By Bioms

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